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Client: Danner

Fact: Every year 38.000 women in Denmark suffer domestic abuse.

Idea: An interactive campaign on Instagram where a group of Denmark's biggest influencers became more beaten and bruised as you tapped through their private Instagram stories. And with a 100 % organic reach, the campaign reached over 1.7 million people - without taking any money from where it is really needed.

Recognition: Cannes Lions Best use of social platform (Shortlist) | D&AD – Use of Interaction (Wood Pencil) | D&AD – Use of Talent and Influencers (Shortlist) |​ Rambuk – Experimental (Winner) ​| Creative Circle Award

– Content Driven Campaigns (Shortlist) |​ WARC Media Awards – Best use of tech (Bronze)

Made in collaboration with MediaCom Beyond Advertising

United against abuse

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