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IKEa labyrinth

Client: Hasbro

Brief: Find a forgotten, old or traditional game and reinvent it.

Idea: Make your way through the ever-changing IKEA Labyrinth, pick up all the stuff you never knew you needed and you'll be the winner. But there's a twist; players can manipulate the maze at any time to make an easier path (because IKEAs layout is devoid of any logical sense), or to block an opponent (because suffering should always be shared).

Recognition: D&AD New Blood Awards – Hasbro (Yellow Pencil)

Now you might be asking, was it a part of the brief to also recreate the original ad for the game? Well no, but it's hard to ignore an opportunity to show off brilliant(ly cheesy) acting.

And no IKEA product is complete without a how-to guide.

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